Dah DAH dah dah!

Annette is a bad influence on me. Here’s a recent conversation had over dinner while watching Project Catwalk, a show about aspiring fashion designers.

Annette: What do you think of that outfit?

JSR: Well, the fabric is fantastic, and those little pleats and details over the hips are great. The whole design seems quite contemporary, while retaining classic styling cues. It’s great that they’ve managed to retain the leitmotifs that run throughout the rest of their collection, too.

Annette: Yep, agreed.

[Short Pause]

JSR: Uh .. that is to say ‘Fucking hell woman, I don’t know. One frock is like another. Cos I am a MAN!’ .. I’m going to go drink a beer.

Bad bad influence. I won’t even talk about my knowledge of, and time spent watching, the movie genre “Plain Girl turns into/out to be a Special Princess”.


  1. The next Secret Meeting of the Patriarchal Oppression isn’t going to go well for you. I can tell you that right now.

  2. As I was picking talcum powder out of my bellybutton last night and lamenting the fact that I don’t know how to use it properly because it leaves white poofy powder marks on my clothes, my lovely boyfriend asked me if I missed out on the “girl classes” at school.

    I think I may have.

    • If you missed them I did too – there are whole areas of feminine mystique which are still deeply mysterious to me.

      Maybe JSR could run a remedial course.

    • People use talcum powder?

      I thought it was one of those things that bathrooms just had…

      • I think you usually get it from aunts who don’t know you well enough to buy you a real present.

        • Heh, actually previously mentioned lovely boyfriend bought it for me as it’s my favourite smell from Lush (Karma). It’s dusting powder and shoving it on my body is just kinda what I assume you do with it 😉

          • I have a biggish sample pot of that sitting by my bed – I want to waft it around me but when I do I just wind up with pale patches on the carpet.

  3. Thanks to Arna, I know more about the works of Jane Austen than anyone with a Y chromosome should. Ahh… Mr Darcy…

  4. Ha-ha, you said ‘leitmotif’.

    Srlsy, though, Karl and I have just discovered The Big Bang Theory. If you haven’t seen this, you must.