So I took delivery of my positive pressure mask thing last night, it was dropped off by a tech who showed me how to use it and how to get telemetry and firmware updates and settings onto and off of it. (Memory sticks + snail mail, btw – very retro).

Last night was the first night of using it. It’s .. very weird. It’s a strange sensation to have something else doing your breathing for you. It kinda runs against hard-wired stuff in the psyche, breathing is something you do for YOURSELF. It’ll take quite some getting used to. No wonder post-Lava Vader was tetchy.

This morning, after sleeping with the thing doing it’s job last night, I feel .. weird, frankly. I don’t seem to be _tired_, but nor am I super-engergised. I did wake up a few times during the night, but mostly because of the previously mentioned uncomfortableness of the interface. This morning .. no sign of randomly falling asleep, and Annette did say that I slept very peacefully last night. This is good. But I do feel odd. I’m not at ease in my skin today.

I did notice that I got up this morning and wasn’t staggering around and bumping into things on the way from the bedroom to the shower. That’s new.


  1. Maybe you feel weird because you’re now a CYBORG.

    A CYBORG, dude.

  2. How sizable is the interface? I have visions of a huge mask, rather than say a small tube up yer nose, tho I suspect either is just as uncomfortable as the other. 🙂

  3. Welcome to ‘feeling normal’. We hope you enjoy your stay.

  4. Next thing you’ll want a USB3 interface at the back of your skull and surf the internet in a big vat of lube insisting that “I R NEO!!1!1”.

    …on the other hand, isn’t that the most of the internet already halfway there?

  5. How are you feeling after a couple of nights of the magic breathy box? I find that one good night’s sleep after a run of broken ones makes very little difference (and sometime even leaves me feeling worse) but give me a week of good sleep and I can take on the world.

  6. A friend of mine has one of these. I hear it takes a little getting used to, but eventually you’ll be sleeping much better.