Oooooo pretty!

Okay, so I downloaded some 1080p versions of the Star Wars movies (the pack contained six films at 8.3GB or so each, three of which were The Star Wars Trilogy, and there were also three other, more recent Lucasfilm movies, which I will not discuss at this or any other time) just to check out if, in fact, this high-res new format business was actually THAT much more awesome than regular old TV or DVD.

And yeah, fuck, it totally is. My new CPUs and graphics subsystems are actually up to playing this without dropping frames, and my monitor can display 1080p natively.

It looks … awesome. Really really awesome. I need me some more of this.

When I get a new TV, I am definitely getting one that can do this mode properly.


  1. Just be very sure to get a TV which has a native 1080 panel. There are so many out there that are “HD compatiable” which only means that they take the 1080 signal and display it on a panel with less resolution.

    This is all very exciting I cannot wait to see some full length 1080 content.

    • Yep, for sure – my little Dell widescren monitor is the only device I own that can actually display this stuff natively without downscaling it. Any TV I buy I’ll be keeping a close eye on the actual, real, native pixel count.

      Seriously, though, it looks AMAZING.