It’s time.

I think …. I think I want to start my own country.

I’ll need:

– A Flag
– A National Anthem
– A Uniform
– Government Ministers/Generals/Toadies
– Uniforms for them, too
– Passports

What else is required?

Immediate appointments are of course vizi as Grand Vizier – a good choice because he comes with his own uniforms, except he’s in exile in the UK so that’s no good.

22 thoughts on “It’s time.

  1. I nearly laughed as I read this – not because it’s ridiculous, but because I have just finished watching a TV show called “How To Start Your Own Country”.

    Not sure if you’ve seen it, but it’s totally worth watching.


    1. No, no, the people of Nobrovia/Space City Zero/Funkistan/I Haven’t Decided Yet are a peace-loving people. We open our doors to the people of the countries around us, and we sell them things and more importantly .. ideas.


    1. That hardly seems likely, Nobrovia/Space City Zero/Funkistan/I Haven’t Decided Yet doesn’t have any oil, so there’s no reason to Free it, or Bring Democracy to it.


  2. What else do you need?

    Well some land would help.
    And citizens.

    I’ve always wanted to rule my own country. I’d do things by the rule of common sense. First – the road signs. None of this PC bollocks. I’d have signs that say things like “The limit is 100. So slow the fuck down” and “Like ass? No? So stop tailgating dick head”.


  3. You will also need THINGS to export to support your fledgling economy.
    I think exporting Oompah Loompahs would violate rights (both human and copyright) though, so you may need to start growing potatoes or discovering oil or something.


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