Industry! Science!

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27/02/2008, originally uploaded by jsr.spathi.

At last, they’re finally starting to do some work on the shitty building next to our place. All the components for scaffolding, etc, are now outside. Can’t WAIT for this to be tidied up!

3 thoughts on “Industry! Science!

  1. I looked at this and thought, “What’s so shitty about that building?” Then I realised – it’s not just the shitty building on Emily Place, it’s also the shitty building on Anzac Ave, and, man, that’s a shitty building.

    I’m excited! I hope the construction noise doesn’t affect you guys too much, and that the shitty building becomes a lovely building.


    1. Oh yeah – I believe that the Anzac Ave part of that building may actually be a burned-out porno shop. That’s pretty damn high up there on the Urban Squalour Chart.


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