…enshroud me in thy purple cloak.

My sleep monitoring machine arrived – complete with a blood oxygenation sensor (which attaches to a finger) and an airflow meter which is a little tube that runs up to under your nose, and has another couple of smaller tubes that fit into your nostrils. I made Fremen/Dune jokes while wearing it.

Anyway, I spent the night with these things attached and have mailed it back to them – I toss and turn so much that the fremen tube came out a LOT, and I had to put it back in each time I realised. I hope they got SOME usable data out of it – it’d such if I sleep so badly that it’s out of scope of such portable equipment and I have to go into a clinic and have more serious gear attached.


  1. Can you tape the tube in place?

  2. Assuming you don’t often wake up and find yourself in new, unexplored areas of the bed, I would have expected the tubes, wires, antenna etc. to be mounted so they leave the top of your head and lead to an anchor on the headboard via springy coils.Best of luck with the next lot of gear.

    • Actually, that’s pretty much what I had in mind – it’s the same way the industry usually treats network/keyboard/video cables from rack mount servers – strap them all up into one reticulated bundle, and then secure that bundle at the point of least movement. Good call!

  3. …enshroud me in thy purple cloak.

    Is it bad that I recognised that quote immediately?