A Slice Of My Life

Annette: “Do you know who Malcolm and Donna are?”
JSR: “It’s not ringing any bells.”
Annette: “Tess mentioned them in this Nut and Bee order. She says she’s staying with them in Palmerston North and you know who they are.”
JSR: “Nope.”
Annette: “Knowing your old friends they’ll have absurd nicknames like…”
JSR: “Like ‘The Weaz’!”
Annette: “Yeah”
JSR: “And ‘Turbobunny’ …”
Annette: “Exactly”
JSR: “And I’ll be all to Tess like “Ohhh, you meant The Weaz and Turbobunny! Why didn’t you SAY?”

Sad. But true.

Industry! Science!

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27/02/2008, originally uploaded by jsr.spathi.

At last, they’re finally starting to do some work on the shitty building next to our place. All the components for scaffolding, etc, are now outside. Can’t WAIT for this to be tidied up!

…enshroud me in thy purple cloak.

My sleep monitoring machine arrived – complete with a blood oxygenation sensor (which attaches to a finger) and an airflow meter which is a little tube that runs up to under your nose, and has another couple of smaller tubes that fit into your nostrils. I made Fremen/Dune jokes while wearing it.

Anyway, I spent the night with these things attached and have mailed it back to them – I toss and turn so much that the fremen tube came out a LOT, and I had to put it back in each time I realised. I hope they got SOME usable data out of it – it’d such if I sleep so badly that it’s out of scope of such portable equipment and I have to go into a clinic and have more serious gear attached.

Also Lazlow

I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto games. Especially the radio stations therein.

So, when I watch an episode of “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and they open with shot of a terminator being constructed and an “In the Future…” voiceover….

I cannot help but finish it with “..there will be robots.”

Curse you, Rock Star.

Scallywags Performing Antics

Politicians behave similarly to high school children when in Parliament. Indeed, the example I am linking to is at the upper end of the scale – no-one was punching anyone else in it, for starters.

I didn’t actually know that these supposed adults acted like this until I was a teenager and actually saw footage of them openly mocking and heckling each other as they tried to speak in session.

Can someone with more political experience than I explain why this is acceptable? If I had employees who constantly acted like this during meetings, I would sack them with no regrets.

I Am Not An American.

Well, I could be – I’m white, and suitably plump, but I’m not American.

Nevertheless, I feel like commenting on the US presidential elections, so I shall.

I would vote for Obama, it’s not even a contest. Hillary .. seriously, I just cannot get past her war vote. To me, her voting “Yes” on war with Iraq means that:

(a)She is either stupider and more easily led than the kinds of hippie scum who think that singing “War! What is it good for? Ab-so-lute-ly NOTHIN’!” outside a government building is Speaking Truthiness To Power. Even those freaks worked out that ‘W was going to invade no matter what anyone, including weapons inspectors, found or failed to find.


(b)She’s a ruthless psychopath who would throw away thousands and thousands of US lives, and thousands or hundreds of thousands of Iraqui lives, for the sake of her own politicasl career and aspirations.

Also, did I see her crying on TV the other day? Was she crying over the bodies of US soldiers coming back in body bags? From a war she voted for? Nah, course not – she was crying over the thought of not being elected.

I’d still happily vote for her instead of anyone who’s still prepared to stand up and say that they’re a damn replublican.