Well? Where is it?

Other day, the very excellent Jonathan Coulton posted an entry in his blog in which he dissed on various haters who were posting “You Suck” posts on the top ten youtube covers of Coultons song “I’m Still Alive”, which famously closes out the Portal game.

In this post, Coulton says the following:

“Where’s your thing that you made and put online for everyone to see, you chicken-shit cockhole?”

This is totally deserved. Youtube is a great site, and I go there literally every day – but seriously, the comments section is approaching Ain’t It Cool News in terms of retardedness.

4 thoughts on “Well? Where is it?

  1. This kind of thing fascinates me, web communities, comments and shit. The bigger a site is, the higher the proportion of mindless jerkoffs. Youtube could perhaps benefit from xkcd’s robo-moderation, which simply blocks any comment that’s already been made, forcing people to find new and more-creative ways to say ‘you suck’. This requiring some basic effort, it eliminates the more obvious dickheads.


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