My Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day … or it’s an Aneurism, that’s more likely

I’ve not posted in a while – mostly, I think, because I am Sick with The Lurgy and I don’t really want to update daily with “HEAD STILL FULL OF UNWANTED LIQUID LOLZ” and “ROFL THE PAIN WHEN WILL IT END -O_o/- SERIOUSLY KILL ME”.

Sudafed appears to be keeping at least a bit of a lid on it. I can breathe a bit ok, but not really taste anything much.

XMAS! We got lots of food presents … woo! (see above Re: Not Tasting Stuff) … which WILL eventually be cool. Our big mutual present to each other was an xbox 360 with a copy of Guitar Hero III … which is great fun. This is, of course, also a platform for Rock Band when it comes out in Jan. Aw yeah.

Chris R and the lovely Miss Helen have been to visit – it’s nice to see them over from Perth. I re-recorded Chris’ parts from the Fanimatrix Riff Track – I’ll re-record my own once I don’t sound like someone with a comedy cold, all “Gah! By nose is schtuffed!” and whatnot. Then I’ll scrounge the original footage from Raj and put together a Rifftrack version of it. Can’t wait!

Here’s one of the pictures that Richard took of me with the prop Minigun. It’s awesome. New Avatars everywhere, ahoy!


  1. That is about the most frightening image I’ve seen all year

  2. That’s totally a Tim Bradstreet illustration right there.

  3. That is, indeed, an awesome picture.

  4. Damn that’s cool 🙂

  5. It’s so sweet the way it supports the b33r belly. 🙂

    • Sir, you cut me to the quick! I DEMAND SATISFACTION! My seconds shall contact yours. GOOD DAY SIR!

      (P.S. I’m not much of a beer drinker – that there’s a KFC and Coca-cola belly)

  6. January? You are bloody optimistic, unless you are importing a copy.