So, last weekend I attended (rather unexpectedly) the music video shoot for Slipping Tongue’s new track called .. If I remember correctly .. My Kingdom Falls. I schlepped lights and c-stands and pushed a camera dolly back and forth .. back and forth … back … and forth. I had to leave mid-afternoon due to a work xmas do that I’d rsvp for, but even so my back and legs were sore on sunday. Good exercise.

Good exercise that was pretty much IMMEDIATELY countered by the immense amount of food I consumed at the xmas party. Fun was had by all!

I am guessing Annette and I will be recording a podcast tonight, for your listening pleasure and/or schadenfreude.

I recently heard from the ever-delightful Charlotte K, for the first time in AGES. It’s always cool to catch up with old friends!


  1. Podcast indeed, sir. I hope you have some topics!