So Much For Subtlety

Thanks to the kind auspices of the good folks at NZ Customs, and the nice gentlemen of the NZ Police, my excellent faux minigun arrived today. I bought this very cheaply as a prop for a short film script that I’ve been working on. It’s all plastic, but it looks the part on camera.

Here’s an action shot. To properly recreate the FPS environment, as it were, I have taken this in a very boring Hallway, in which I have inexplicably placed A Box. No doubt it contains ammo for the minigun, or a first aid kit, or a genetic retrovirus that causes my eyes to spew flaming leeches which burn and bite my enemies. The usual thing.

I’m sorry my apartment building does not have any kind of accessable Sewer or Reactor Core, or I’d have taken more of these shots.

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