The Bex Is Bax In Town

Here are some headlines, all taken from today’s front page:

“Beckham Watch”
“Have You Met David Beckham? Click here to send in your pictures and stories.”
“Becks Delivers In Style”
“Full Beckhamwatch Coverage!”
“Bye Becks, It’s Been a Blast.”
“Bridget Sauders: David Beckham – At The Afterparty”

I just don’t get why we’re supposed to care. Do that many people in NZ follow english football? In fact, doesn’t this guy play football for a Los Angeles team now? Does anyone outside of LA follow LA football?

Are we that hard up for people to get excited about that we give a shit about someone just because he’s very famous in other countries?

I’d be more interested if Gurinder Chadha, the director of “Bend it like Beckham”, was in NZ. I’d be more interested if Posh Spice was in NZ. Okay, that’s not true. Hell, I’d definitely be more interested if Beck was in NZ. “Seriously” I would say, “Odelay was awesome.” Then I’d ask him if he minded this US soccer player stealing all his thunder.


  1. And don’t foget Becks a fine beer, and a metric arseload more interesting than Beckham.

  2. You just don’t understand modern celebrity-based culture. Me neither.

  3. Do that many people in NZ follow english football? In fact, doesn’t this guy play football for a Los Angeles team now? Does anyone outside of LA follow LA football?

    It’s not about English football or Los Angeles football. Jesus Christ, it’s so not about those. That’s like wondering why Justin Timberlake is so famous because why would New Zealanders be into a Los Angeles-based musician.

    It’s because a) he’s hot, b) he’s extremely wealthy, and c) he has a fabulous celebrity wife. And we don’t have a lot of those around here. Matthew Ridge doesn’t quite measure up.

    • Justin Timberlake I can understand, precisely because people outside LA _do_ actually follow the music of LA-based musicians. I mean, you gotta respect Justin – he literally _brought sexy back_. From wherever it was. Down the back of the couch, maybe. Anyway, it’s back now.

    • d) he’s as thick as two short planks. Dumb as a stump. Lights on, nobody home. He may have genius football feet, but his rest-of-body brain is barely sufficient for simultaneous walking and breathing. I guess that’s fine if what you want is a mannequin to swoon over, but seriously, could you imagine spending longer than fifteen minutes with him without starting to look at your watch?

      Best nickname ever for him and her: “Thick and Thin”

      Mind you, she’s not that shiny in the brain department either.

    • he has a fabulous celebrity wife

      although apparently not fabulous enough according to his wandering eye 😛

  4. Wow. Having just said that I don’t get the Becks thing, I almost feel compelled to defend the poor bastard now.

    He is famous for having been very, very good at English Football, which may well be the most popular sport in the world. I’ve never understood why they report the results of English club football matches here, but they do, and they always have. So he’s not famous for being famous or for being somebody’s kid. That said, Christiano Ronaldo is both better looking AND better at soccer.

    And he must be a nice guy. Because nobody that ‘walking and breathing’ stupid could spend so long in the media spotlight without punching a ten year old or telling a reporter to piss off if he wasn’t genuinely nice. Perhaps Forrest Gump nice.

    None of which justifies the surreal, stalkerish behaviour of the media here. When you have a female reporter sitting in ‘the same taxi seat David Beckham sat in’ and complaining that it’s not still warm? Ick. Ick.