Christians vs Lordi

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Finnish heavy metal group Lordi is one of several playing at a Wellington Easter concert that has upset a pentacostal church.

The band, whose five members dress in elaborate costumes as monsters and demons, won the Eurovision song contest last year.

The winning song, Hard Rock Hallelujah, includes the lyrics “I got horns on my head, my fangs are sharp and my eyes are red” – and prompted Finland’s religious leaders to warn that the band could inspire devil worship.

Okay. Right.

You know when The Wiggles put on little tricorne hats and sashes and then they wave little plastic sabers around while saying “Arrr!” so as to pretend to be pirates?

That’s both more Heavy Metal AND more Satanic than anything Lordi have ever done, ever.

Just sayin’ is all.

12 thoughts on “Christians vs Lordi

  1. I had not heard of this band “Lordi” until now.. I just went and watched said “Hard Rock Hallelujah” on youtube.

    I had to stop it because it was actively embarrassing. At first I thought they were taking the piss of metal… then the horrible realisation began to set in that no, they were taking this seriously.

    Oh god.

    Still they will never be as man and rock as Man-o-war and their metal anthem : Warriors of the world united.

    “We’re here to fight for all of you, now swaer the blood upon your steel, will never dry! As we fight for all that is to rock, under a metal sky!!!!”

    *wipes a tear*


      1. Did you know that Bucks Fizz (another Eurovision band) are now playing English holiday camps, like Butlins.

        Oh, how the mighty have fallen. LOL


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