Is it Nap Time #004

And so another podcast is recorded by Annette and I. Now that we have proper microphones, we .. okay _I_ … need to re-learn proper microphone technique. This’ll be easier once the mic _stands_ arrive and we no longer need to lean the mics against things, or stuff them into teacups.

The new mics are AWESOME. I LOVE new toys of ANY kind.

2 thoughts on “Is it Nap Time #004

  1. I don’t know if you’ve used these guy’s stuff but they have some seriously cool stuff I haven’t listened to MP3s without OzoneMP since I first bought it.

    Anyway they have some cool stuff for modifying podcasts, I noticed that with the new mics they sound better but it sounds like you’d both sitting in a giant metal can.

    These guys have heaps of filters with their software, incidentally my favourite is one which makes it sound like you’re in the men’s urinals of a nightclub with the music playing loudly outside the door, well I didn’t say it was a useful filter but it is amusing.


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