Month: December 2007

My Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day … or it’s an Aneurism, that’s more likely

I’ve not posted in a while – mostly, I think, because I am Sick with The Lurgy and I don’t really want to update daily with “HEAD STILL FULL OF UNWANTED LIQUID LOLZ” and “ROFL THE PAIN WHEN WILL IT END -O_o/- SERIOUSLY KILL ME”.

Sudafed appears to be keeping at least a bit of a lid on it. I can breathe a bit ok, but not really taste anything much.

XMAS! We got lots of food presents … woo! (see above Re: Not Tasting Stuff) … which WILL eventually be cool. Our big mutual present to each other was an xbox 360 with a copy of Guitar Hero III … which is great fun. This is, of course, also a platform for Rock Band when it comes out in Jan. Aw yeah.

Chris R and the lovely Miss Helen have been to visit – it’s nice to see them over from Perth. I re-recorded Chris’ parts from the Fanimatrix Riff Track – I’ll re-record my own once I don’t sound like someone with a comedy cold, all “Gah! By nose is schtuffed!” and whatnot. Then I’ll scrounge the original footage from Raj and put together a Rifftrack version of it. Can’t wait!

Here’s one of the pictures that Richard took of me with the prop Minigun. It’s awesome. New Avatars everywhere, ahoy!

Ironically, this news leaves me Speechless.

Deaf demand right to designer deaf children

“DEAF parents should be allowed to screen their embryos so they can pick a deaf child over one that has all its senses intact, according to the chief executive of the Royal National Institute for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (RNID).”

How about you let the kids grow up and become of age, and then they can decide if they want to be deliberately deafened then, eh? Oh wait, that’d NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN, would it?

Some people need a bullet.

This won’t take long….

My central mail exchange and web server box turned up its toes last night and developed a bunch of irritating r/w errors on the un-raided system disk.

So, I pulled it out and put a new drive in (I have plans to move it onto a VM sometime soon, as soon as I finish building the chassis that the VM server will run on).

Now, this installation is very old – it has had its hardware upgraded underneath it multiple times with no change to the OS except for the odd dist-upgrade. So the code base is kinda crusty.

Because of this I decided that it’d be smart to do a completely clean debian etch install, and migrate the data over to the new OS and apps.

This wouldn’t, I thought to myself, take long.


When you do this you suddenly discover a whole lot of farty annoying things like:

– PHP5 is different from PHP4
– Apache2 is different from Apache1.x
– Databases cannot be physically bitwise migrated between some MySQL versions – you need to do an SQL dump and re-import to make it work.
– Config files change a lot between versions of all kinds of software

..and you also discover that over the years, you may well have installed a LOT of fiddly little scripts and bits of code that do various things that are quite invisible enough to fall off your radar .. until they go away.

Pain. In. The. Ass.


So, last weekend I attended (rather unexpectedly) the music video shoot for Slipping Tongue’s new track called .. If I remember correctly .. My Kingdom Falls. I schlepped lights and c-stands and pushed a camera dolly back and forth .. back and forth … back … and forth. I had to leave mid-afternoon due to a work xmas do that I’d rsvp for, but even so my back and legs were sore on sunday. Good exercise.

Good exercise that was pretty much IMMEDIATELY countered by the immense amount of food I consumed at the xmas party. Fun was had by all!

I am guessing Annette and I will be recording a podcast tonight, for your listening pleasure and/or schadenfreude.

I recently heard from the ever-delightful Charlotte K, for the first time in AGES. It’s always cool to catch up with old friends!

Jebus said Knock You OUT

I’ve just read this headline on Stuff …

Backpacker jailed for stabbing man to death in row over God and evolution.

Now, before I open it, shall we place a bet on what side of the argument the person who did the stabbing was, and what side of the argument the en-stabulated person was?

I don’t even need to offer a real bet, do I? Because we all, even my Christian readers, know that the person who believes in the Sky Beards and Demons and Djinns and Goblins is going to be the one using the old Okay Fine Let’s See If Maybe You Can Rebutt My Friend Mr Slicey You Fucking Smart Ass argument, yes?

…and sure enough, clicking through, the guy who was stabbed is a biomedical scientist who was arguing the Negative on the subject of creationism. How about that. I, for one, am shocked.

Atheists don’t tend to kill people over which God they don’t believe in.


Oh dear. I fear that all of The Mighty Boosh slashfiction writers are going to have collective heart attacks when they they see Season 3, Episode 5. Seriously.

Bear Essentials

I love Annettle for a bunch of reasons, but not the least of which is her ability to take an idea and pare it down to its essence.

For example, I recently suggested something for Nut and Bee and I was all like ..

“Okay, so, there’s a bear, right, and he’s wearing a snorkel and beside him is a big pile of leaves, and maybe there’s like a diving board made out of sticks. Because he’s a bear, and he’s in the woods! A bear in the woods! And so he doesn’t have a pool, he has leaves! And his diving board is made from sticks, like you would find in the woods! Where’s there’s bears! He he! What do you think? Huh?”

And she looked thoughtful for a couple of seconds and then said “Maybe just a picture of a bear in a snorkel. Without the other stuff.”

So I pout a little and ask “Why not?”

An she just looked at me and said “Bear. Snorkel. Funny.”

And she was right.

They weren’t even giggling.

Woke up today to find that my apartment was full of cute girls, but sadly none of them were wearing pajamas or lingerie, and they were not having any kind of pillow fight, nor were they “practicing” kissing.