Dog inna Sack

Yay! Is It Nap Time episode 3!

I am going to have to take some elocution lessons – I had no idea how much I _mumble_. I sound like a large dog growling gently. In a sack.


  1. You are a delightful wiggle-dog.

    I can’t talk… after my strange stilted… performance last… night.

  2. Most of the student art I’ve seen is from the “I need the world to be my therapist” school.

    • These days you can take “student” out of that sentence and be pretty safe 🙂

      I keep reading about a “return to craftsmanship”, but I don’t see a lot of evidence of it in the ART magazines. Craft Arts International is always a good mag for stuff that looks as though it might take some actual skill to produce though; of course it’s not real ART, just craft, so it doesn’t really count.

  3. Large growly dog was kinda my first impression of you . . . except then you turned out to be less of a scary growly dogs and one of those ones that just hangs out alot. 🙂

    • .. on the front porch. Asleep. Only waking up to look around, tail thumping, when there’s food. And then going back to sleep.

      Yeah .. Yeah, I can see that. That’s fair.

  4. Oh God, I’m sorry the exhibition was so dire… I didn’t actually get a good look at what was going up until the exhibition myself.