We recorded our second podcast over the weekend – as I had hoped, we were worried less about the technical side and more about content. And we said “Um” a lot less.

I hate to listen to my own voice – I have a deviated septum in my nose, and lots of soft tissue in my sinuses – as a result I ALWAYS sound like a have a blocked nose or a cold, and if I DARE to breathe in our out strongly through my nose the result is either a whistling gasp, or a singularly unappealing organic G’SNORK sound – as if I were trying to vacuum up a cats hwarfed up hairball using an elephants’ trunk.

On a related note, my new condenser microphone arrived today. It’s a very solid feeling large capsule cardioid mic. The reviews of it are all positive. And it was cheap as chips thanks to the miracle of auction sites!

I’m going to pick up an XLR cable for it and try it out on the mixer – can’t wait to hear how it sounds. If it works well, I’ll get another for Annette, then we won’t have to worry about all the static and mains hum and buzz that we currently have to post-process out of the podcast. Plus we can record a song if we want. And we might!

What I need now is a couple of anglepoise mic stands that we can attach to our desks, and some shock mounts for the mics, and maybe some pop filters. Woo! New Toys keep me happy, and in this case are relatively inexpensive.


  1. Thank you for mentioning the XLR cable you will be getting, rather than a Cannon cable.

    A Cannon cable could be used during a Powerpoint presentation and to prevent people tripping over the cable it could be Sellotaped to the freshly Hoovered floor.

    Yes I have a problem.

    • I’m confused and puzzled and not a little bit AROUSED by your strange message. I would NOT like to subscribe to your newsletter, Sir.

      Did I get a word wrong or something? Remember I don’t work in that crazy business you magical people call “Show”. When I say “XLR cables” to myself, I mean “The big clunky ones with, like, the three prongs.” which places them in a class seperate from stuff like “big jack plugs” and “small jack plugs”.

      Perhaps amongst audio techs this is some sort of technical faux-pas which is so laughable that they’re all rolling their eyes and mentioning it over beers down t’pub. “And then he says “XLR” he says! With a straight face!”

      “Hahaha! WANKER!”

      On an unrelated note, Sir, we demand pictures of your Big Dumb 70’s Car being turned into an Interceptor. DEMAND!

  2. I think you have a very appealing voice, G’SNORKs aside 🙂

    Could we share the new microphone by having a cuddle while recording?

  3. Ha, I got a shout-out, that’s so cool.

    And yeah, there’s a bit in that article where he’s talking about geeks who use ‘small-talk’ as a game, and that made me think of you in particular. Karl says he remembers you going to a party with conversational replies pre-written on cards. I don’t remember that, but I know I’ve forgotten, y’know, years of my life.

  4. Annette has a lovely mellifluous voice, and it complements your manlier tones rather nicely.

    I wonder what possible conversations I thought I’d be having that the lyrics to Durham Town could come up in them.

    Oh, you know what? Somewhere I have an old #nz log where you’d come home from a party, gone on line, and where attempting to “sing” Durham Town in the channel. Oly your typing wasn’t so good, so we were like “WTF? What are you trying to say? ‘I’m gonna heave a durable towel?'”