annettle and myself today vaguely planned, recorded, edited and posted the first (hopefully of many) episode in our regular podcast named Is it Nap Time?. You can download the individual episode itself here or you can subscribe to the podcast as a whole here. We’re not listed in the itunes shop podcast directory yet (though we will be) but you can open itunes, click on the Advanced menu, then click “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste into the dialog box.

It took around four hours to Plan .. (“What do you want to talk about?” “I dunno. What do you want to talk about?”) .. Record… (“Umm…” [Dead Air] “…Ummmmm”) … Edit … (“Make me sound taller.”) .. and Post the thing to the RSS feed.

Be warned, it’s our first effort – more of a technical trial to make sure that the process we mapped out actually works and produces a fetchable podcast at the end of it. We had loads of issues with mic levels and whatnot, but we figure we’ll learn How To Do It pretty shortly. It’s fairly content-free (especially me talking about Portal .. “Portal is a really neat game. Gosh it’s good. Back to you, Annette!”) this time but as we have to concentrate less on the process, we’ll have more say about the content.

Also, holy shit, we both say “Um” a lot. I fully intend to train myself out of that ASAP. It’s apalling, when you hear it played back.


  1. The music is a bit too interesting (I’m only 4 minutes in so far). Part of my brain is trying to follow nifty music, while the other bit is trying to concentrate on what you guys are saying.

    Instrumental stuff would be better. Staying away stuff with complex metres (like the Bjork stuff) would also help.

    Otherwise, all cool so far.

  2. I. Hate. Scrabble.

    Gods I hate Scrabble. I love words, crosswords, anagrams, but I hate Scrabble. Free Rice is total crack for me. It’s about knowing what the arrangement of letters means, not where you can put it. Lemme tell you where you can put it.

    But. Each to their own and all that.


  4. agree with qarl about the music but otherwise I really enjoyed hearing your voices – reminds me how much I miss you. Still sounds weird to hear you introduce yourself as John though.

  5. I liked it. I’m with the “Bjork is a bit distracting” crowd, but the latter stuff complemented it well, I thought.

    I’ll listen to that again.