Down the Old Kent Road

Is it just me or does “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance really, really sound like they nicked the music straight from mid 70’s cockney rock band? Tell me the main guitar riff in that song doesn’t sound like Chas and Dave are playing it, and I’ll call you a liar. Just listen to it, and imagine that in the chorus, instead of talking about dark clothes and posing [1], they’re using phrases like “Give us a break!” or “Down on yer luck!” instead. Purest, shining, Chas and Dave.

[1] Seriously.

11 thoughts on “Down the Old Kent Road

    1. I listen to a great deal of music, including most new pop stuff. I don’t necessarily end up being a fan, or buying the album, or even _liking_ stuff much, but I do try to stay on top of things.

      I’m not a big fan of this “Teenagers” song by My Chem, but I did like another song they did which was an excellent Queen cover. Not an actual, word for word, Queen cover you understand. But a Queen cover none the less.


  1. I haven’t heard Teenagers, but The Black Parade is yet another version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

    I think Pachelbel is the music industries surefire way to have a new song that sounds so familiar and catchy. Now they have had that, they must be working on the next surefire way to get that familiar yet new song.


    1. You are assuming that being derivative focus group driven music is a point agaisnt them. Just because you can sing Twisted Sister lyrics to them without noticing the difference doesn’t make them bad.

      They do rock, they steal from all the best places.


    2. Gah! My sincere apologies, Ms Butt0ns, I just noticed, after thinking “Haven’t seen any postings from her in a while” that you were not in my friends list! And I totally thought you were, and had been for years! Immediately rectified. Now I have to catch up on your postings!


      1. Hahaha, not a problem good sir!
        On the other hand, I have been enjoying all your postings and musings of late, particularly the “help me obi wan kenobi, you’re my only hope!”.
        Keep it up!


  2. Hey, don’t know if you got the email that Jen sent to, but I just put through a plan change for your connection and am meant to start charging charging you as of Sep 1st.

    Just figured I’d let you know 🙂


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