Superior Nomenclature

Check out this article about US Army reservists.

They mention a guy called “Max Fightmaster”. He’s a Staff Sargeant.


Although the article states that he’s a computer tech, so he’s likely a tech that’s fit enough to pass basic training, but in my mind Staff Sargeant Max “Fucking” Fightmaster looks like Nick Fury as drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Best. Name. Ever.

5 thoughts on “Superior Nomenclature

    1. Aha! That’ll be where Paul got the link to forward to me. It’s nice to get mail which just has an URL, and the phrase: “Max Fightmaster!” and still know EXACTLY what your friends mean by it. 🙂


  1. Sure, the Staff Sergeant makes it the best name ever, but without his rank, I’d still take Greg Killmaster (seriously) over Max Fightmaster.

    See, Max may be the master of Fight, but Greg — Greg’s, like, the master of Kill.


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