Seriously. Rocks.

A man who burst into an Upper Hutt house had a cache of weapons, including a machine pistol. He surrendered to armed police yesterday after officers threw rocks at the house, ending a two-hour standoff that forced shoppers to remain in a nearby supermarket.

I had to read that twice. Police officers threw rocks at his house?

Mr Hill said rocks were thrown through a door and two windows to coax the man out of the house. “That tactic worked perfectly.”

Guys, I’m glad it worked, and I’m glad no-one was shot by the perp, but seriously, does “Throw some rocks at ‘im!” actually qualify, as such, as a “Tactic”?

Does the SAS have access to this tactic?

Does Delta Force?

Inquiring minds need to know!

10 thoughts on “Seriously. Rocks.

  1. How do Police on an Upper Hutt budget use big-town SWAT tactics like tear gas grenades, or enough officers to surround a house? Simple! Willing suspension of disbelief.


  2. Sounds like a great tactic to me. Bet the perp never saw it coming!
    Next time they should throw ice cream. I reckon that’ll shock, stun and confuse people so much that the bad guys will have no choice but to surrender and then spend months in therapy trying to get over their new found fear of cold sticky substances.


  3. I’m wondering if “armed police” meant “armed with rocks”

    Maybe it was Auckland’s turn for the police gun that week so Wellington had to improvise?

    – MugginsM


  4. “Mr Hill said rocks were thrown through a door and two windows to coax the man out of the house.”

    “Come on, come out, it’ll be okay.” *wham* Shit, missed him.

    What’s next, a nice cup of tea and a tasering?


    1. Shh, they’d have to call them “improvised flammable ordanance” or something to prevent most of the plods skölling those cocktails…

      ….erg Anglicising swedish…


  5. I wonder if these are special police grade rocks? You know like what looks like an ordinary $100 tea trolley painted all white is suddenly a $750 medical trolley because it is pale green. I see a potential business here.


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