Month: October 2007


Annette just got a shout-out and a link from Cory Doctorow over on Boing-Boing. I’m guessing that’ll translate into quite a bit of extra traffic for her site. Awesome!

Down the Old Kent Road

Is it just me or does “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance really, really sound like they nicked the music straight from mid 70’s cockney rock band? Tell me the main guitar riff in that song doesn’t sound like Chas and Dave are playing it, and I’ll call you a liar. Just listen to it, and imagine that in the chorus, instead of talking about dark clothes and posing [1], they’re using phrases like “Give us a break!” or “Down on yer luck!” instead. Purest, shining, Chas and Dave.

[1] Seriously.

Puny Humans

Cat tips over kerosine lantern, burns down house. Dog responds by grabbing owner by arm to awaken him, alowing him to escape.

This pretty much matches up with my opinion about the base motivations of both dogs AND cats.

I read once, of cats, thusly: “Thumbs! If only we had thumbs! We could break so much!”



I’ve Been Reading:

Warren Ellis – Crooked Little Vein
William Gibson – Spook Country
Drew Curtis – It’s Not News, It’s Fark
Penny Arcade – Birds are Weird

Ellis’s book is a fine novel, but somewhat less dark, and much less dense than I was anticipating. I’ll be buying the next one, though. Gibson is on form for Spook Country – his usual mix of The Internerds, Confused People, and Scary Folks With Guns. The Fark book is supposed to be a big eye-opener about what the media does instead of reporting news .. I guess it might be to some. It is funny, however. And Penny Arcade – as usual, the commentary alone is worth the price, if you’re a fan.

I’ve Been Watching:

The Tomorrow People (British Sci-Fi Circa 1973)

Well, I remember this 70’s british sci-fi show as being very cool indeed. Surely, it will have aged well, like a fine wine, and not be a laughably bad exercise in 70’s clothing and haircuts and terrible acting and special effects? Sadly, nay. Spooks is fine, nasty, sneaky spy stuff. A whole lot less wakka-cha-wakka music and driving around fast in big dumb cars than that OTHER MI5 series, The Professionals. I’m up to season 2, enjoying it so far. Dexter, also, just started season 2. This is a great show. I’m not sure how long the concept will hold out, but right now it’s great fun.

I’ve Been Thinking:


Annette and I have been planning our podcast, and I’ve been doing some of the tech infrastructure side of it – mixer, a couple of decent headsets with good mics, server space, etc. Annette did an excellent job of putting together the software (Blogging, RSS feed for subscription, etc) side of things – she rules so much.

I’ve Been Drinking:

I am out of Port. This is no good thing. I shall purchase more, with speed.

Superior Nomenclature

Check out this article about US Army reservists.

They mention a guy called “Max Fightmaster”. He’s a Staff Sargeant.


Although the article states that he’s a computer tech, so he’s likely a tech that’s fit enough to pass basic training, but in my mind Staff Sargeant Max “Fucking” Fightmaster looks like Nick Fury as drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Best. Name. Ever.


Sony are making an Everquest movie.


I mean, I’m not even sure if they should make a WoW movie, and WoW is pure crack cocaine to Everquests’ dime bag of skunk weed all full of stems and heavily cut with oregano and grass clippings.

What’d be hilarious is if they actually stayed true to the game – there could be a training montage like in Rocky where the protagonist works hard at skilling up (by, say, killing the same kind of crocodile, over and over) while awesome montage music plays … only to encounter a slightly too tough flavour of crocodile, die, lose all that experience and end up back where he started.

Coming soon, to a theatre … or DVD rack … near you!

Seriously. Rocks.

A man who burst into an Upper Hutt house had a cache of weapons, including a machine pistol. He surrendered to armed police yesterday after officers threw rocks at the house, ending a two-hour standoff that forced shoppers to remain in a nearby supermarket.

I had to read that twice. Police officers threw rocks at his house?

Mr Hill said rocks were thrown through a door and two windows to coax the man out of the house. “That tactic worked perfectly.”

Guys, I’m glad it worked, and I’m glad no-one was shot by the perp, but seriously, does “Throw some rocks at ‘im!” actually qualify, as such, as a “Tactic”?

Does the SAS have access to this tactic?

Does Delta Force?

Inquiring minds need to know!