Here’s a relatively boring article about US cities passing laws punishing the wearing of baggy pants.

Which is not so interesting, except in an eye-rolling sort of manner when you consider how long legislation tends to be around for, compared to the lightning-swift changes in fashion. Baggy pants? Already played out. Give it five years and the cool kids will be wearing shoes on their hands, or have a sock on one of their feet and be wearing the other sock as a hat. More laws! Sock laws! Quickly, quickly! The end result of this is that you get ┬álegislation hanging around that probably was deemed to be a good idea at the time, but just seems absurd now, and the the only people who’ll care are the kind of smart-arse students who research ancient laws still technically on the books and show up at university exams wearing a sword and demanding their mug of ale, as per subsection VII(b) of the Exams Act, as authorised by the Marquis of Fuckstickshire in 1641, wearing an expression that indicates to everyone else that they should consider the sword-wearer to be about the cleverest person in the universe – an expression that will last up until the point where Blackwater Halliburton Gnomeland Security Snipers permanently remove it … with cold steel!

The BEST bit of the original article, however, is that they quote Mr Mark Wise, the owner of a hip-hop clothing store called (and I’m not making this up) “Razor Sharp Clothing Shop 4 Ballers”.

Best. Shop. Name. Evar.


  1. In 50 years’ time there’ll be a wacky news story like “and n 2007 sum townz outlawed baggy pants. lol. just think wot da president’s husband wld say 2 dat now!!!! REUTERS”

  2. I can’t help but think of this: