Just don’t hearth out

I woke this morning from a dream that I was a World of Warcraft Paladin floating in space, safely enclosed in my bubble, watching the heat death of the universe take place. All you could see was dying stars, their last energies output as light, illuminating me and all the other Paladins also floating safe in their own respective bubbles. This dream likely makes very obvious my take on the survivability of the Paladin class in WoW. I’d really like to play a party of five Paladins and see how that goes. Might take a while to kill the odd boss, but a wipe would be rare – and very recoverable.

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  1. haha Yea.. saw this when I got up this morning.. 😛

    Reading the lower comments on the article it is wise to notice that they found this in rats they were injecting with _other caustic chemicals_ and attributed the cancer to the chip when they “couldn’t think of any other reason”. Which is in itself creative.. but they also note that where it was _really_ obvious was where there was massive scar tissue around the chip implant sight. Which I don’t have.

    Also note that in some US states it is required that all pets get chipped and there is no appreciable rise in cancer rates among domestic pets.

    Also keep in mind these chips are 13mm by 5mm in size… a rat is not a big animal ™. If you scaled this up and inserted (by body ratio) something about 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter under _my_ skin.. I’m pretty sure I would have an adverse reaction to it to. 😛

    Alternatively I could just be reaching. 😛