My Girl Is The Best

Annette gently woke me around lunchtime today (I tend to use weekends as a chance to catch up with my sleep) with the news that she’d just gotten back from the farmers market and as a result there was fresh handmade bread, sausages and cheese on the table for lunch. And also fresh coffee.

Man. I am so lucky.


  1. That is indeed highly awesome. Truly, at least four or five of the seven Japanese gods of happiness do smile upon you.

  2. So it’s possible she’s a keeper then?

    Man I miss sleeping in….

  3. Arr, we gots back from yonder game butcher fellow down in Stokes Valley this past Tuesday with our finest boar, George we calls him, alls sealed up in bags and fings.

    …now breaking dialect because I can’t be bothered converting kilos into something eosteric like ounces or pennyweights… the outcome 10kg pure pork sausages, 10kg salami, 5kg of proper bacon, and two hams. ~50kg of porky goodness from a 70kg pig.