Thou Shalt Not

“BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Corey Feldman returns to familiar turf in the Warner Premiere event, “Lost Boys 2: The Tribe,” the direct-to-DVD sequel to the 1987 cult hit “The Lost Boys” that also features his fellow Frog Brother, Jamison Newlander, along with Tad Hilgenbrink, Autumn Reeser and Angus Sutherland. The announcement was made today by Diane Nelson, President, Warner Premiere.”

Really? A Lost Boys sequel? Is this truly necessary? Isn’t Lost Boys pretty much firmly anchored to the 1980s? If you must make a movie in the 21st century about saving a loved one from vampires .. can it not stand on its own? Does it really need to be Lost Boys 2: Vampiric Boogaloo?

Or is this just an excuse to stunt cast Corey Feldman? I’m pretty sure that casting Corey Feldman in anything except for “MTV’S Cribs: Corey Feldmans House” can be safely classed as a “stunt”.

And wait a minute .. Angus Sutherland … that’s Keifer’s brother. Oh yeah, this has all the hallmarks of a winner.


  1. I’m pretty sure that casting Corey Feldman in anything except for “MTV’S Cribs: Corey Feldman’s House”

    I’m in total agreement. Also, I’ll see your “cribs” and raise you a pair of Coreys*. Hahahahahaha! That’s a winner!

    *courtesy of , who found that a couple of days ago.

  2. As long as it also stars Frank Stallone and Joe Estevez, I’m there.

    • The ultimate “only got into movies based on a relative’s fame and proved that lightning only strikes a family once” is Julia Roberts. Not only does she suck as an actor compared to her brother Eric, he could also kill her with his feet.

      …not saying she should be in “Lost Boys 2 – The Shitening” though. Though you could fit a lot of vampire teeth in that massive mouth.

    • Hey! I LOVE Rollerblade 7 which has both Frank Stallone and Joe Estavez. Man I wish I owned a copy of that movie. Man, I wish I could find a copy of that movie.

  3. The IMDB page has Corey Haim (rumoured) cast on LB2 also.

  4. It does have all the hallmarks of a quality production doesn’t it.

  5. The Haimster might not be in this cinematic high-point, while his Corey-twin is – this should lead to some nasty Corey-rivalry that will hopefully end with Corey-on-Corey makeup-sex, the teen steam dream of everything with a vagina in the eighties.

  6. I’m just not sure why a vampire movie made in 2007 needs to be a Lost Boys sequel. Though I guess we’re _talking_ about it, which is more than we’d be doing if we saw an announcement that someone was making a movie called “BloodFangs” that happened to feature Corey Feldman. So it might just be for the extra buzz. Or else, it’s a Terminator 3 – a very expensive fan film.