When I was younger (like, 1999 or so) I used to watch Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson was tres cool, and that James May guy was a dork. However, nowadays James May is the coolest guy on Television .. laconic, relaxed, nothing to prove, secure in himself. A gentle man, and a gentleman.

Amazing how the world changes as I get older. Food has gone from Ick to Delicious, while staying the same item of food. My parents have somehow stopped talking crap, while still saying the same things. And Jeremy Clarkson has become rather oafish .. while still being the same old Jeremy Clarkson.



  1. This all seems very sage…. except for the “parents have stopped talking crap” bit, I am not looking forward to the day I start agreeing with their ill informed, xenophobic, homophobic, good morning television educated cliched pseudo knowledge.

    Or is this just something that happens to everyone?

    Tell me I’m not going to get a biomag wooly underlay start buying pants with a stretchy wasteband and listen to talk back radio, say it aint so!

    • Oh c’mon, talkback radio is a riot. It’s laugh a minute territory. And stretchy waistbands are comfy. Totally not sucked into the biomag though, that’s just hokum.

      • Yeah I notice there are no doctors or scienticians on their TV ads explaining how they work, I have no doubt they have a placebo effect, but how a bunch of magnets will make me feel better I’m can’t imagine.

        The whole “magnets make you feel better” quackery went out in the Victorian era, then they called them electric, you buy a hairbrush with magnets in the handle and it’s called an Electric Hairbrush, this kind of thing was popular at the same time as Mesmerism so I am yet to be convinced.

    • I was more thinking of things that they’d say to me like “Perhaps you shouldn’t spend that money on the first shiny thing that catches your eye?”

      Rather than the really stupid stuff like “If you sit inside tinkering with that computer all day, you’ll never learn anything that’ll get you a good job.”

  2. Only a man could get through that first paragraph without mentioning Richard Hammond at all.

    I still find Jezza amusing, even when he’s being a twat, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with him.