Brother Ali

I switched on the TV today, planning to watch an episode of James May’s 20th Century over lunch, and up came Alt TV. Just as I was reaching out to change the input on the amp over to the media player .. the bassline and vocals of whatever the hell Alt was playing slithered into my head and started dancing on my brain.

“Hang on a sec”, I said to Annette, “.. what .. is this?”

I stood by the TV, doing the official generic dance move that suits all Hip-Hop .. it may have a real name, but I call it the Whole Body Nod.

“Okay, wait, I need to google some of these lyrics.”

I made a note of some memorable passages and then went back to watch James May hilariously being James May as hard as he could, and to eat my lunch. After that, right back to Google…

So the song in question was “Uncle Sam, Goddamn” by an artist known as “Brother Ali”. And if you’re a fan of old school soul and funk influenced beats and lyrics that don’t mention bitches and bling .. I HIGHLY recommend you take a listen to this mans work. I plan to buy all his CDs, based on this one song.

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  1. Chris and I are totally into this track right now!

    In totally gutted news – on his myspace I saw touring dates for Australia and was all excited, until I realised he was here three weeks ago! I didn’t even know about him then. What a poop 🙁