Sometimes I read things that make me feel better about living in a world full of crazy people. At least some of the crazies are actually NICE about their crazy stuff. Here’s a copy of a letter posted on …

“I have read both your comics for some time and truly enjoy them.I am also a devout Christian and though I have never met you, I feel that the church owes you an apology. Not just you, to be sure, the church of Jesus Christ has failed the entire nation. We have gotten caught up in politics and causes and crusades and fallen away from the message of Christ.

Jesus came to preach love and forgiveness, to bring healing and reconciliation, and instead of focusing on loving individuals we have gotten distracted and allowed ourselves to divulge in fruitless and hurtful distractions. I confess that we have failed to care for the poor and hungry and in need and have instead focused on political agendas that are hurtful and short-sighted. We have lost sight of the fact that we are broken people in our judging of others. I do believe that you are a broken person, but I do not think myself to be better off than you.

I hope that you will forgive the church for our failings. We do not deserve it, but we are trying. There is more to Christ than the republican party, and I hope you will not allow that unfortunate affiliation to permanently damage your opinion of Jesus Christ and his followers. Thank you for reading this. In Christ’s love, Nate.”


  1. Sounds like a trap to me.

  2. sweet

    like the saying goes “if you’ve got nothing nice to say…”

    crazy nice is still nice right? right 🙂