Annette and I have levelled our respective WoW Druids up to 65 now. Awesome. Only three levels before Flight Form, and only 5 ’till we’re capped. Woo!

Tonight, on a real-life quest to purchase a Pie and some Big’Uns (Rewards: 100XP and Stamina+10 for 1 hour) we drove past the usual car retards down at the service station. Saw one guy with like a purple honda accord with neon ground effects and stickers and the driver is slouched so low that his arm resting on the windowsill is actually angled UP from his shoulder, and he’s of COURSE wearing a baseball cap, and he’s blaring some eurodance crap on his stereo… I want to know, what’s going on in his mind, there? How, in his mind, does he think┬áthis whole ensemble appears to interested onlookers? How many times has he seen The Fast and the Furious? Does he, deep down, not realise that he Looks A Twat?