Greetings, Programs

Cleaned up my friends list today, unfriended people who haven’t posted for ages or simply don’t post any more. A jorb well done!

Actual conversation had at work:

“Seriously, JSR, why are using that Second Life thing? The graphics are so bad.”
“They’ll fix them in time. Besides, I’m more intersted in the emerging societal aspects of a culture that exists in a 100% malleable digital realm. It’s a really interesting glimpse into people’s psyches to see what avatars they create and what they do with them.”
“Uh huh.”
“Also,if I can play in a sim where I can spook and stampede a herd of furries by flying low over them in a Recognizer from Tron .. then I will put up with crappy graphics.”

There’s a glimpse into MY psyche.

9 thoughts on “Greetings, Programs

  1. Sounds like you lost them around about the bit where you said culture 😛

    Glad I made it, although I probably don’t deserve to since I mainly lurk n read.


  2. Oh, god, I suppose the furries are present in a much greater proportion than they are on this planet.

    Actually, last time you mentioned this, I went to have a look at it, and started registering a player character, but then discovered my version of osx is too old. Which is probably just as well.


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