Parking = No

Someone parked in my park again. At least this time, when he came running out to stop the tow truck, he didn’t try the old “What are you doing? That’s my car!” routine. Which is sad, because I have my “And this is my park. And that sign, right there, the 6ft tall one you parked RIGHT NEXT TO, that says “Tenant parking ONLY! All other cars WILL BE TOWED”, that’s neither yours, nor mine, but it IS chock full of useful information.” spiel all ready to deploy.

I think the tow truck dude got the guy to give him $40 or so, so good on him.

People are idiots.


  1. sign post

    you should put up a sign that reads “got keyed?” in your parking spot. after they stop fuming they might find the humour in the irony of coming back to a keyed car 🙂

  2. So…. you found a use for that Monolith after all.

    …shiny black writing on a shiny black monolith is a bit unfair.

  3. There seems to be a kiwi tradition of parking outside a house other than the one you are visiting in order not to inconveniance the person you are visiting by taking up the parking space outside their house.

    It might just be lazyness in that they are visiting the house on the right hand side of the road so they park on the left hand side opposite, either way it pisses me off.

    I know the parks outside ones’s house don’t belong to that house, but I consider them my personal space and no different than someone parking on my front lawn, it’s just too close to my house for someone I don’t know to be keeping their car.

    I was a bit squiffy the other night and noticed someone had done this so I scrawled a note which read, “you don’t live here, why do you park here?”

    Not too agressive I think, and conveyed my annoyance, I know I’m probably being petty but then people always describe problems they just don’t happen to have as petty, I just think it’s rude.

    • no different than someone parking on my front lawn

      Uh, yes, it is different. You own (or rent the use of) your front lawn. That does not apply to the road.

      In the case of our parking space, under discussion in the OP, we pay hundreds of dollars a month to be able to park there.

      I park on the side of the road I happened to drive in on. It may or may not be in front of the house I am visiting, but has nothing to do with not inconveniencing my hosts.

      • Very true for most houses, however a lot of these new sub divisions the property owners own the road for the width of their property out to the middle of the road, it’s a way of getting all the subdivision owners to pay for the upkeep of the roads.

        • Interesting – when writing my comment I thought about the residents-only spaces you sometimes find around city apartments, but I didn’t know this road ownership was the case in some subdivisions. Would that give those people the right to have a car towed from in front of their house? Or charge for parking there? Or put up ‘no parking’ signs? (Just curious!)

          • Well I imagine unless it’s written into the covenants that you can’t, then yes you could have someones car towed away though some kind of sign warning people of such would be needed.

            But again it would depend on the covenants, they can say anything as you agree to them before you buy the property so they can be quite strict, like no dogs above a certain size, no fences between properties etc.