Annettle and recently watched this years academy awards show.

There’s a host segment bit where Ellen DeGeneres talks to Clint Eastwood in the audience, then produces a digital camera and asks for someone to take a picture of her with Clint “..for my Myspace page.” she says. LOL#1.

And then she spots Steven Spielberg sitting next to clint, and says “Oh, Steven Spielberg, perfect.” and gives the camera to him. He takes the shot, she looks at the LCD on the camera and says “Yeah, uh, can you just get us maybe a bit closer together?”. Correcting Spielberg on his framing! LOL#2.

But then, Spielberg stands up, puts the camera way up, tilted down so that Ellen and Clint have to look right up at it, and takes that as her picture.

And I look over at Annette and say “Did Spielberg just deliberately go for a Myspace Angle on that pic?”



  1. LOL#4 = teh pic on teh Ellen’s MySpace!!!!!!!!

  2. lol yes!

    that segment was brilliant – specially the correcting spielberg part, classic. i liked how he stood up kinda “aight lady, you wanna spielberg pic!”.

  3. That part was teh lolz 4 sure.