I also wanted The Defiant

I watched a TV show called “Star Trek – Beyond the Final Frontier” which was all about a recent Christies auction where Paramount were auctioning off their complete collection of props and sets and stuff for Star Trek, the Original Series, TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

And I got to watch these (rich!) geeks buy this stuff.

And how geeky am I? I was actually getting all Weepy and Teary-eyed just because (a) these people were getting cool trek stuff and it made them _so happy_, and (b) because all that neat trek stuff was going to good homes where it would be seriously looked after.

Oh man, so many happy nerds. No wonder I was all Emo. I am SUCH a dork.

Not so much that _I_ would have paid US$500,000 for the model of the Enterprise-D from TNG. But happy for the guy that did. At least you know he’ll take care of it.


  1. “Take care of it”? He’s going to mount an artificial vagina in the main body, grab it by both enginey-things, and fuck it senseless. For days on end. He will refer to it as his “slutty, slutty space ship” and quote lines from the shows whenever he hits the vinegar strokes or climaxes. Cries of “Warp factor nine Mr Suluuuuuuuoh” will echo from his mother’s basement. Man-goo will dribble out of the bridge windows. Dorito-dust will cake the crew quarters. An angel loses its wings…

    • grab it by both enginey-things

      I believe you are referring to the warp nacelles. Should he accidentally break one off, the Enterprise can no longer travel at warp speed (see the link).

      • You’re HIM, aren’t you? You’re the filthy nacelle-fondling Enterprise enterer… Admit it! ADMIT IT BEFORE GOD! And not that namby-pamby Star Trek god that Kirk scrapped with, either.

        • Awwww, you got me! Are you up for a stimulating new take on the Kobayashi Maru test? I’m still good for warp, and I guarantee you’ll encounter your far point…. Resistance is futile! C’mon, who could turn down a couple of well-formed, warm, pulsing nacelles?

          Unless you’re a filthy furry, or a Star Wars fan[1]. I have my standards.

          [1]They’re proabably all the same with that wookiee/ewok business anyway.

    • You Sir, are a Bad Man.

  2. I….. I had something to say, but after reading that it was driven straight out of my head. And it was screaming. It wasn’t a pretty sight.