Month: March 2007

Yet Another Life

Thanks to an unusual set of influences (namely: Noted author and Internet Jesus Mr Warren Ellis, my fellow Something Awful Goons, and most notably my best friend the lovely and talented kai_loi) I have been tinkering around with Second Life. In fact, I’ve just signed up with a premium account.

Like most human endeavours, a lot of SL is total shite. However, there’s some truly excellently creative stuff going on in it, and I’m having a BLAST tinkering with the creation and scripting stuff.

It’s truly a psycological goldmine, however. 95% of the occupants have an avatar that looks like a hunky, buff, underwear model with a cool haircut (if male) or the female equivalent which is of course a human barbie doll avatar in a revealing outfit. Is this really how most of humanity wants to present itself, given a BLANK CANVAS to work with? My own avatar looks as much like me as possible – though it’s actually quite tough to create a fat beardy weirdy in game – there’s no “Beer Gut Size” slider bar in the Edit Appearance section – a critical oversight.

It’s big big fun, though the learning curve is steep when it comes to handling inventory (which includes shapes, animations, sounds, etc, as well as objects).

It’s CERTAINLY the closest thing we have to a Snowcrash-style metaverse. And even in it’s current primitive form, one can see the kinds of things that form in a malleable digital universe.

Fascinating stuff! I intend to play around with it a great deal more.

Hand of God has struck the hour…..

I just read an article in The Sun which quotes British PM Tony Blair as saying that he’s a huge fan of Black Sabbath, and has been since his schoolboy days.


I guess maybe “War Pigs” is even more awesome to listen to when you actually are one.

Parking = No

Someone parked in my park again. At least this time, when he came running out to stop the tow truck, he didn’t try the old “What are you doing? That’s my car!” routine. Which is sad, because I have my “And this is my park. And that sign, right there, the 6ft tall one you parked RIGHT NEXT TO, that says “Tenant parking ONLY! All other cars WILL BE TOWED”, that’s neither yours, nor mine, but it IS chock full of useful information.” spiel all ready to deploy.

I think the tow truck dude got the guy to give him $40 or so, so good on him.

People are idiots.


Annettle and recently watched this years academy awards show.

There’s a host segment bit where Ellen DeGeneres talks to Clint Eastwood in the audience, then produces a digital camera and asks for someone to take a picture of her with Clint “..for my Myspace page.” she says. LOL#1.

And then she spots Steven Spielberg sitting next to clint, and says “Oh, Steven Spielberg, perfect.” and gives the camera to him. He takes the shot, she looks at the LCD on the camera and says “Yeah, uh, can you just get us maybe a bit closer together?”. Correcting Spielberg on his framing! LOL#2.

But then, Spielberg stands up, puts the camera way up, tilted down so that Ellen and Clint have to look right up at it, and takes that as her picture.

And I look over at Annette and say “Did Spielberg just deliberately go for a Myspace Angle on that pic?”


I also wanted The Defiant

I watched a TV show called “Star Trek – Beyond the Final Frontier” which was all about a recent Christies auction where Paramount were auctioning off their complete collection of props and sets and stuff for Star Trek, the Original Series, TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

And I got to watch these (rich!) geeks buy this stuff.

And how geeky am I? I was actually getting all Weepy and Teary-eyed just because (a) these people were getting cool trek stuff and it made them _so happy_, and (b) because all that neat trek stuff was going to good homes where it would be seriously looked after.

Oh man, so many happy nerds. No wonder I was all Emo. I am SUCH a dork.

Not so much that _I_ would have paid US$500,000 for the model of the Enterprise-D from TNG. But happy for the guy that did. At least you know he’ll take care of it.