A new discovery!


Yeah. You know what? If you need three weeks of intensive brainwa… uh… whitewash… uh… counselling in order to “discover” that you’re “completely heterosexual” … then you’re probably not.

Just sayin’, is all.

Most people can tell these things without resorting to weeks of therapy driven by an oversight board of four church pastors. You’ve probably been there yourself. “Do I prefer to use my left or right hand? .. Either? .. Okay, so I’m ambidextrous.”[1] and “Do I feel a desire to sex up The Ladies or The Men? The Ladies? Okay, so I’m heterosexual.” [Note: Change these to reflect your own personal tastes]

Easily doable, no counselling required, no need for a oversight committee.

[1] Or am-bi-curious, if you prefer. I’m sure it’s just a phase. Perhaps weeks of counselling might help me get back to “normal”. There’s no “left” in “righteous”, sinner! I’m pretty pleased that organised religion never decreed that which hand you use made you godly.[2]

[2] Wait, I’d better check that. [Google] Of course. I spoke too soon. Should have known better. The Catholic church seems to have said that lefties were servants of the devil for around 1000 years. LOL AT STUPID CHURCHES AND THEIR DUMB IDEAS IN TEH PAST. GOOD THING THEY R ALL 100% CORRECT THESE DAYS ROFL.[3]

[3] The pain, when does it end?

Empty suits

From Aardvark today:

The [young Maori] girl in question appeared to be bright and intelligent — however her lack of general knowledge and simple comprehension of the world around her drew the quality of her education into focus. Despite all the media coverage (the Sunday papers and TV were full of it), she was unaware that John Key was leader of the National Party.

Dude. I. a former member of the National Party, and I’m only just barely aware that John Key is the leader of the National Party. Until they stop electing Dorky White Guys In Suits to the job, who CARES who’s the leader of the National party? In FACT, who the hell wants to know ANYTHING about the National Party these days? It’s not as if they actually proclaim any kind of actual platform that differs wildly from that of Labour.

Hell, I’m almost asleep right now from making this journal entry, just because I had to type the phrase “the National party” more than once. Fuck the National party.

I’ll stop right now, in fact, before I have to wonder out loud once again why the economic right always seems to be coupled with the dingbats who’re so socially conservative they disapprove of the use of the Wheel, and may actually be witholding judgement on Fire until they see how it works out.

Is there some rule that says you can’t be socially progressive and not in favour of sprawling government and excessive taxes?

The Big Guy

“LADY LAKE, Fla. — Tornado victims and their supporters turned out for today’s service at a church that was demolished in the killer storms that waylaid central Florida, trying to stay optimistic about the long recovery ahead.

The cleanup that began not long after Friday’s destruction took a brief pause as the faithful and others gathered under bright sun and clear skies at what was the Lady Lake Church of God. Its splintered remains have become a rallying point in this rural area hit hard by the three tornadoes that killed 20 people and destroyed hundreds of homes.”

You know, I always assert that Christian people are irrational. By which I mean, without the ability or facility to reason, or unwilling to use that facility. And people go “Oh, come on, that’s harsh. Give me an example of that.” and then I go kinda red and splutter and wave my arms and say “Are you BLIND?”.

But just in case, the above is an example. If you can’t see what’s slightly mad about these people getting together at the remains of their church to praise their vengeful, wrathful lord then you should perhaps look harder.

“Praise unto You, oh mighty one, for not smiting all of us, in thy wrath! We appreciate that. Glory be Thine, oh Lord, for vengefully destroying thy own house of worship, and the houses of so many who adore You. Praise and Glory both to You, Lord, for slaying so very few of thy believers this day!”

Yeah. Cheers for that, Big Guy.


Annette’s dad plumbed in our fridge over the weekend, which means that we now have a chilled filtered water dispenser and ice dispenser (cubed or crushed).

This pretty much, if I may, rules all.

We’ve had the damn fridge for like a year or so, and haven’t bothered to get it set up, so this is a major step for us. 🙂

Also, I am writing this on my freshly installed Vista machine. I’m not sure what to think of it – the operating system itself seems fine and non-crashy, but then so did post-SP2 XP. This Aero theme is alright, but then I liked this look when Apple launched it a while back in OSX. I’m no huge apple fanboy, but sheesh Microsoft. Have you no shame? And in fact, this whole shiny/transparent look is maybe getting a little played out.

The new dialogue boxes and file explorer are getting on my wick, but I’ll give them a while to let the changes settle into my brain before bitching any more. The “A program is trying to do something .. anything … shall we allow this?” thing pops up .. a lot. Like, so much so that I’m already beginning to just click OK out of reflex. That’s bullshit, MS. Security Theatre. If you bug the user this often, you KNOW they’ll just disable it or hit “OK” in a fugue state without reading what it says. May as well change that button from “OK” to “Whatever”.

The permissions are pissing me off as well. “You must be an administrator to write to this directory.” … my user is, of course, an administrator. Let’s look that phrase up in Help .. nothing. Fucks sake.

WoW plays fine. iTunes seems to mostly work, but won’t sync my photos. I apparently don’t have permission to do that. I can view the photos fine from Explorer or various veiewers. Just can’t sync ’em to my pod. The same pod that I _can_ sync with music and video. Yeah. I’ll see what the next iTunes release does. I can live without a portable collection of O RLY owls and I HAS A NOUN cats, for a short while at least.

The Windows Security thing pops up all the time, warning me that I am not running an anti-virus program. Does anyone find it odd that MS would write code that warns you that you’re not running a piece of non-MS code that is designed to find OTHER code that takes advantage of shitty code written by the people who’re giving you the warning? What a strange world.

Click “Whatever” to continue.