Annette’s dad plumbed in our fridge over the weekend, which means that we now have a chilled filtered water dispenser and ice dispenser (cubed or crushed).

This pretty much, if I may, rules all.

We’ve had the damn fridge for like a year or so, and haven’t bothered to get it set up, so this is a major step for us. 🙂

Also, I am writing this on my freshly installed Vista machine. I’m not sure what to think of it – the operating system itself seems fine and non-crashy, but then so did post-SP2 XP. This Aero theme is alright, but then I liked this look when Apple launched it a while back in OSX. I’m no huge apple fanboy, but sheesh Microsoft. Have you no shame? And in fact, this whole shiny/transparent look is maybe getting a little played out.

The new dialogue boxes and file explorer are getting on my wick, but I’ll give them a while to let the changes settle into my brain before bitching any more. The “A program is trying to do something .. anything … shall we allow this?” thing pops up .. a lot. Like, so much so that I’m already beginning to just click OK out of reflex. That’s bullshit, MS. Security Theatre. If you bug the user this often, you KNOW they’ll just disable it or hit “OK” in a fugue state without reading what it says. May as well change that button from “OK” to “Whatever”.

The permissions are pissing me off as well. “You must be an administrator to write to this directory.” … my user is, of course, an administrator. Let’s look that phrase up in Help .. nothing. Fucks sake.

WoW plays fine. iTunes seems to mostly work, but won’t sync my photos. I apparently don’t have permission to do that. I can view the photos fine from Explorer or various veiewers. Just can’t sync ’em to my pod. The same pod that I _can_ sync with music and video. Yeah. I’ll see what the next iTunes release does. I can live without a portable collection of O RLY owls and I HAS A NOUN cats, for a short while at least.

The Windows Security thing pops up all the time, warning me that I am not running an anti-virus program. Does anyone find it odd that MS would write code that warns you that you’re not running a piece of non-MS code that is designed to find OTHER code that takes advantage of shitty code written by the people who’re giving you the warning? What a strange world.

Click “Whatever” to continue.


  1. Hmmm… think I’ll defer an upgrade to Vista. At the furthest point from the bleeding edge, I just installed Win95A Upgrade (had to find a Win 3.1 disk for it to check), on a P90 laptop. I wanted something for my legacy coding work free from the distractions of a fully ‘net and multimedia capable system. I could’ve gone for an earlier OS but really wanted something that could run a CVS client.

  2. I see no reason to leave my lovely XP.