So it looks like various rights holders to The Hobbit would like for Peter Jackson to film it after all.

That’s a shame.

Because I was thinking, when it looked like he wasn’t going to be the guy for the job, that there’s an obvious replacement to helm the Hobbit movie.

Someone who’s cut his teeth on a variety of fantasy projects recently. Someone who’s worked with major stars. Someone who knows how to drive the hollywood publicity machine. And certainly someone who is a “name” amongst the geek community.

You were so close, Uwe Boll … so close!

9 thoughts on “Tricksy

    1. I am prepared to look the world straight in the eye and say firmly and with conviction that when it comes to structuring and directing a film project, Raj is nowhere near the same level as Uwe Boll.


    1. Hmm.. perhaps a _cart_ chase? Cart full of _fireworks_! Yes! Pyrotechnics!

      Nudity .. elves perhaps more like World of Warcraft scantily clad elves instead of boring robes, etc. That’s the ticket.

      Yeah .. I can really see Uwe bringing his unique vision to this project.


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