Month: September 2006


A quote from IRC, dated back in May. I hope I didn’t post this already, but it does need to be posted:

[JSR] I got spam that said something like “Lesbian Slut Virgins Who Crave Cock!” and I was thinking that if they crave cock, they’re terrible at being lesbians. If they’re virgins, they’re terrible at being sluts. These girls are clearly deeply confused.

[Jenza] You still clicked, right?



Just wrote a memo to management which included the following:

“Note that a number of people said “Shiny toys” but that this is should effectively be considered semantically equivalent to “Cool toys” with a high confidence level for any given toy.”

Sometimes I really love my job.

Nice Rack

We just finished replacing the old comms-style 650mm deep rack up in the Sky Tower with a 1000mm deep rack, so that we can actually install full depth equipment (like most modern UPS systems, Juniper routers, etc).

This involvled unloading all the equipment from the rack, piling it up in a pile next to the rack, uncabling the rack of years worth of optical and copper network cable installs, unwiring the 240V system, lighting up the network kit while it was in a pile on the floor, to restore domestic connectivity to customers, then physically unmounting the old rack, bolting in the new one (and sinking bolts into the concrete to anchor it), RE-WIRING all that other crap previously mentioned, in reverse, then re-patching everything and doing systems checks on it all.

Started at 0100, finished at around 0545 or so, though I then had to go back and do some other stuff that I’d missed in the first round of checks, so finished at around 0700 for me.

Fucking. Mission. Like. Woah.

The new rack, however, does look very pretty, fits anything we care to put in it, and has proper ventilation unlike the old one.

Dresden Dolls

Okay, so, back from the Dresden Dolls gig. And it was very good.

It’s always excellent to see a really tight band, you know? Skilled in their craft and art, not sloppy and whatnot on stage. Not that the DD didn’t have issues during this gig, they surely did, from equipment screwing up to guitar strings breaking to Amanda forgetting the lyrics in the middle of a cover of Sabbaths “War Pigs”. Which, by the way, resulted in a plea for someone who knew the words to come sing it – and surely, a very long haired metalhead got up, threw a couple of goats at the crowd, and proceeded to convinvingly growl the song while waving his hair around. Kick ass!

I had a fine old time, and swiped a set list for Annette on the way out – not that the set list bore much relation to what actually got played.

My only problem is that they didn’t actually get going until 1015 hours or so, which means it’s now around 0100 as I type this, and that’s late on a weeknight for me, I’m old and grey and my eyes are weak, etc.

Amazing that it was such a _small_ gig, though – there were like, maybe a couple or three hundred people there, tops? It was at the Kings Arms which is not a big venue at all, and it wasn’t even full. I guess they’re just not a big impact band in NZ.