Month: June 2006

McFly! You need POWER!

The power outage mostly didn’t directly affect me at work, because I work for a major hosting company and ISP and thus we have big-ass UPS systems and generators and shit.

I was mostly bewildered by the traffic chaos that ensued.

You see I had to drive crosstown to the Sky Tower, early in the morning, in the rain, while the traffic lights were out, and thus found that people in Auckland cannot actually drive sanely without traffic lights. No, instead they gun cars into little openings trusting that the other cars will, in fact, see them and stop. They yell, and not just the usual yelling that only reaches other people inside your car[1], I’m talking yelling out the window at people. They try to do a U-Turn across multiple lanes of stationary traffic. They go feral. They kill the pig, and they drink his blood. Come back summer, so I can walk to work again.

Annoyingly, none of the coffee places near work had UPS systems and generators. Bizarre!

Something related that’s also mildly amusing is that various people I know, and various politicians not in government, were blaming this power cut … on the government. Now, I have some issues with the current government, but seriously, power networks are complex, and complex stuff breaks. I guess the government could legislate that Transpower must have three layers of redundancy at every point between a hydro lake and the wall socket that John Q Public has his Flowbee plugged into, but then electricity would cost stupid money and the network would be even more complex. And complex stuff breaks.

Summary: Politics, and politicians, suck more than power cuts. There’s a lesson there for all of us.

[1] Aucklands unofficial motto is “Pick a fucking lane!”

Talk is cheap

Amusing conversations that have cheered me up in the past few days:

Co-worker: “Your hair is getting long, dude.”
JSR: “It’s like a wavy river of silver, flooding the 1970’s directly into your soul.”

[I step into a lift to go down to the car park. I’m carrying my cute lunch box with pictures of bears and stuff all over it.]

Contractor: “Is that your lunchbox?” (laughs)
JSR: (stony faced glare): “My girlfriend gave me this lunchbox.”
Contractor: ” … it’s really cool.”

[During a discussion of the video game BattleField 2]

Co-Worker: “So you’re lurking in the undergrowth with your sniper rifle, and you’re thinking all that stuff like ‘I am the Angel of Death, and the time of cleansing is at hand.” and “Don’t run, you’ll only die tired!” and “One shot.. one kill!’ and then BAM, someone airdrops a tank on you.”
JSR: “And says “LOL FAG”.”
Co-Worker: “Truly, that is the very essence of BF2.”

How’d that work out?

[A man who crept into a lion cage at Kiev Zoo] “…shouted ‘God will save me, if he exists‘, lowered himself by a rope into the enclosure, took his shoes off and went up to the lions,” the official said. “A lioness went straight for him, knocked him down and severed his carotid artery.”