Cut. Print. Etc.

..and I’m wrapped on the 48hr shoot.

It’s a _zombie_ movie.

I am 100% certain that at least some of the scenes we shot are comedy gold, so we’re bound to get a few laughs. Quite pleased with the lighting I did mostly, for a first effort. There’s one shot in particular that I am not happy with, it’s too shadowy by half, but there simply wasn’t time to fuck around with it.

Oh, and a big fuck you to panasonic DV master tapes, for totally screwing up our first couple hours of shooting. I’m not sure if it was a bad batch in general, or they don’t want to work in my camera, but losing good footage and having to reshoot due to lousy technical problems sucks balls.

The guys are editing now – will be handed in tonight, and the screening is tomorrow night.

I am very very sore in the feet. I’m not used to standing up, carrying heavy things, for 15 hours or so at a time. I’m used to sitting on a comfy chair in front of a computer, and carrying pie from a plate to my mouth. Times like this I really wish we were done with our bathroom renovations, and had an actual BATH I could soak in.


  1. I think I’m feeling about as rooted as you are. I woke up this morning and discovered bruises!

    I can’t wait to see yous guys’s film. Which heat is it in?