In middle of a fine dinner of fish and chips last night I picked up the sauce bottle and, as is my habit, gave it a vigourous shake, only to find that SOMEONE had carefully balanced the lid of the sauce on top of the bottle but not actually screwed it down.

Result: Sauce everywhere. I actually had to have a shower to get it out of my hair.

Now, she claims that she was “just resting the lid there” because she was “in between saucings” but I, gentle reader, am not fooled so easily.

There shall be a reckoning. If Star Trek has taught me nothing else, it’s that revenge is a dish served cold. And that if you plug a device in backwards, it does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. And that you get all the chicks by being an utter nerd or by having a beard (these two have heavily influenced my own life). So, filthy sauce-booby-trapper, when you’re least expecting it, from hells heart I will stab at thee.

This weekend I am part of a team participating in the 48 hour film contest. I will try to blog the occasional update if I can, but I’m likely to be 100% busy for the duration. I’ll put a copy of the completed film up somewhere on the net sometime after sunday.

7 thoughts on “Saucy

      1. No! The beard is fabulous! It’s a hotbed of hotness. It’s a hotbeard. If anyone wants me, I’ll be on the holodeck!

        I’m off to see what happens if I plug Karl’s shaver in backwards.


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