My fantastically geeky beloved is currently using a borrowed bar code reader to read the UPC barcode on all of our books into a database. Truly, when it comes to hawt geeky girls, the FSM has blessed me.

Went to dinner with Arna and Josh last night – had very very good Fish and Chips from the place near their house. Like, really, woah, good fish and chips. Also, cheap compared to the shop we usually go to. Shame it’s so far from us, or they’d definitely have our business. Anyway, after some in-store discussion, we hazarded the purchase of a single batter-fried moro bar. We cut it into quarters, and each had one. I was VERY skeptical about it, but in fact it was quite tasty. Not sure if I could eat a whole one, and I’m quite keen on chocolate things.

Later today I have a meeting of the 48hour film team for the 48 hour film festival coming up – I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m thinking of taking a day off work on either side of the filming weekend – I may well need it. Also, I might stock up on no-doz.


  1. Most people seem to call 48 Hours either “the 48Hours film festival” or “the 48Hours film competition”, and that might say something about their attitude towards their participation. I’m in fierce competitive mode this year!

    I’m taking off the Monday and Tuesday afterwards. I didn’t last year and suffered for it. If you’re planning to stay up all night on Friday, then it might help to have the day off, but my team has typically used Friday night (up till about midnight) just for planning and writing. It’s better to get a good night’s sleep and go hard-out on Saturday.