Fleethoof is real, dammit. REAL.

“[Director of the Federation Against Copyright Trust, Tony Eaton] says the federation has access to a search engine that allows it to see any illegal downloading in New Zealand.”

Oh. You do? Right. Yeah, I have one of those, too. And I have a working lightsaber. And my best friend is a talking unicorn named “Fleethoof”; when I rub his magic horn just right it makes magic unicorn syrup! Magic unicorn syrup has an odd taste, but Fleethoof says it’s “good for you” and he should know!


  1. LOLing so hard right now. In fact, it’s a fully fledged lollercoaster.

  2. I have a search engine that tell me when my crack pipe is empty.

  3. And apparently I have a sixth sense that allows me to detect unicorn pron… Unicron pron?