Month: May 2006

Brains, Actually.

Back from the first heat of the 48Hr film screenings, which included our zombie/romantic comedy/parody “Brains, Actually.”

The DV decks at the venue had real difficulty playing back our tape. And when one was found that did play it back, the sound levels were kinda munted. Nothing wrong with the video at all – no artifacts or compression glitches (unlike one of the other entries which looked like it was being streamed live via the internet from a server in Grozplatchistan, using RealPlayer) but the sound was borked.


My hopes for us reaching the final, while not at all zero (because it did still get all the right laughs in the right places) have definitely dropped.

And I’m gutted not least of all because I suspect my little XL-1 camera (which the film was written onto tape with) may be to blame for this. As soon as Craig confirms that he’s got all the Making-Of footage from it that he wants, I’m going to talk to Canon NZ about a factory service for it. Time to get everything cleaned and recalibrated for speed and tracking and whatnot.

On the subject of cameras, in this heat there was a film shown called “Taken”. I’d really like to know what they filmed it on, because it looked AWESOME. Great colours, crisp images. tells me it was shot on an HD camera. I want one.

Cut. Print. Etc.

..and I’m wrapped on the 48hr shoot.

It’s a _zombie_ movie.

I am 100% certain that at least some of the scenes we shot are comedy gold, so we’re bound to get a few laughs. Quite pleased with the lighting I did mostly, for a first effort. There’s one shot in particular that I am not happy with, it’s too shadowy by half, but there simply wasn’t time to fuck around with it.

Oh, and a big fuck you to panasonic DV master tapes, for totally screwing up our first couple hours of shooting. I’m not sure if it was a bad batch in general, or they don’t want to work in my camera, but losing good footage and having to reshoot due to lousy technical problems sucks balls.

The guys are editing now – will be handed in tonight, and the screening is tomorrow night.

I am very very sore in the feet. I’m not used to standing up, carrying heavy things, for 15 hours or so at a time. I’m used to sitting on a comfy chair in front of a computer, and carrying pie from a plate to my mouth. Times like this I really wish we were done with our bathroom renovations, and had an actual BATH I could soak in.


In middle of a fine dinner of fish and chips last night I picked up the sauce bottle and, as is my habit, gave it a vigourous shake, only to find that SOMEONE had carefully balanced the lid of the sauce on top of the bottle but not actually screwed it down.

Result: Sauce everywhere. I actually had to have a shower to get it out of my hair.

Now, she claims that she was “just resting the lid there” because she was “in between saucings” but I, gentle reader, am not fooled so easily.

There shall be a reckoning. If Star Trek has taught me nothing else, it’s that revenge is a dish served cold. And that if you plug a device in backwards, it does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. And that you get all the chicks by being an utter nerd or by having a beard (these two have heavily influenced my own life). So, filthy sauce-booby-trapper, when you’re least expecting it, from hells heart I will stab at thee.

This weekend I am part of a team participating in the 48 hour film contest. I will try to blog the occasional update if I can, but I’m likely to be 100% busy for the duration. I’ll put a copy of the completed film up somewhere on the net sometime after sunday.


My fantastically geeky beloved is currently using a borrowed bar code reader to read the UPC barcode on all of our books into a database. Truly, when it comes to hawt geeky girls, the FSM has blessed me.

Went to dinner with Arna and Josh last night – had very very good Fish and Chips from the place near their house. Like, really, woah, good fish and chips. Also, cheap compared to the shop we usually go to. Shame it’s so far from us, or they’d definitely have our business. Anyway, after some in-store discussion, we hazarded the purchase of a single batter-fried moro bar. We cut it into quarters, and each had one. I was VERY skeptical about it, but in fact it was quite tasty. Not sure if I could eat a whole one, and I’m quite keen on chocolate things.

Later today I have a meeting of the 48hour film team for the 48 hour film festival coming up – I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m thinking of taking a day off work on either side of the filming weekend – I may well need it. Also, I might stock up on no-doz.

Glass elevator doors are sharp

So I saw an article today which details how a young girl, on a tour of a chocolate factory, accidentally had her hand severed in a conveyor belt.

This is, of course, tragic for all involved. I sincerely hope they manage to re-attach it.

However. I have to say. It’s probably all for the best that this didn’t happen to anyone I know personally. Because, like, my natural inclination to burst into song could in this case probably not be restrained.

o/~ Oompa-Loompa, Loompa-dee-do, I’ve got a simple message for you! Oompa-Loompa, Loompa-dee Endeavoured Band …

Filling in the rest is best left as an exercise for the reader.

Fleethoof is real, dammit. REAL.

“[Director of the Federation Against Copyright Trust, Tony Eaton] says the federation has access to a search engine that allows it to see any illegal downloading in New Zealand.”

Oh. You do? Right. Yeah, I have one of those, too. And I have a working lightsaber. And my best friend is a talking unicorn named “Fleethoof”; when I rub his magic horn just right it makes magic unicorn syrup! Magic unicorn syrup has an odd taste, but Fleethoof says it’s “good for you” and he should know!