So, Annette and I are not really playing WoW at the moment – we haven’t played for months. Though I am giving some thought to starting again sometime soon.

Anyway, today I saw a video wherein .. well, I’ll quote from the source:

“A group of horde decides to hold an ingame memorial for one of their mages who died irl. They made a few mistakes: holding it in a contested zone, publicly posting that they were going to do it, and asking that noone would interfere. How could we resist?”

Basically, this one guild logs into the character of one of their guildies who died in real life, take the character to the edge of a lake in Winterspring, and then are all “showing their respects” when the Serenity Now guildies attack, kill the dead guys character, then proceed to give some spanks to everyone else present. Then they release a movie of themselves doing it.

Totally cold. Yet funny as hell. Says something about differing approaches to thinking about video games, especially social, “second life” style of MMORPG video games.

The SN guys go on to say: “Bad taste? Lack of respect? No Human Decency? Sounds like someone should have rolled RP/PvE.”


  1. haha- no seriously, thats funny. i’m not a big role-playing gamer, or a gamer at all, so whats RP/PvE mean?

    • RP is a RolePlaying server. That’s where you go “Prithee, good sir, belike I shall wax wroth, and smite the foul orcs in Black Rock! You seem of good character and fine mettle … accompany us on our quest, and reap the glory and rewards of victory! Huzzah! AWAY!” instead of “LFG BRD – phat lewt and lots of XP GOGOGOGOGO!!!1!!!”

      PvE is Player vs Environment. It’s where, even in contested zones, people on the “other side” can’t attack you unless you allow it. It’s designed for people to play the game free from attack, and just work on the quests, etc. It’s much less fun.

      PvP is Player vs Player … it’s where people on the other side can pop a cap in yo’ ass any old time. It’s the most frustrating, and the most fun.

      • hahaha

        PvP sounds like the best option. its gangsta.

        “prithee, good sir…” man, if i ever met someone who said that to me in real life & meant it, i’m not sure what i’d do. i’d have a good laugh, but then i’d feel the urge to slap him with a glove and grab the nearest sword and do battle.