Month: April 2006

Gotta Have That Funk

I’ve spent much of the evening listening to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic albums. As a result, I really want to go out and DANCE. Except it’s nearly 0200 hours on a sunday night/monday morning, Annette is asleep, and I no longer have friends who I know will be up at this time of day and want to go out to a club. Or rather, I still have those friends, but we’re all old now, and things change.

I shall instead gyrate about in my desk chair. While sitting at my desk. *sigh*

We want the funk. We need the funk.

W for Wilde

Two movies I have watched recently:

(1) V for Vendetta. I went into this with very low expectations, as I’ve been burned before by comic adaptations, especially adaptations of layered, textured comics with a multitude of well-developed characters. They inevitably turn into a 2D version of themselves, once they’re forced through the Movie filter like play-doh. However, having said that, V4V was most enjoyable. Sure enough, they bailed on developing the characters – you never really get a sense of why any of the non-lead characters are doing what they do – but they did stay true to the sprit of the thing. I shall buy the DVD, for sure. Hugo Weaving had a damn tough job to do, acting through a mask that completely covers his face for the whole of the film. And he did it.

(2) Wilde, starring Stephen Fry. A biopic of Oscar Wilde. Another most enjoyable film. It made me angry. As I get older, the persecution of people based on their sexual preference becomes more and more obviously rage-worthy. It becomes ridiculous, like persecuting people based on eating the wrong kind of food, or working on the wrong day. Except religious people have done _that_, too. And they’d do it again if they thought they could get away with it.


So, Annette and I are not really playing WoW at the moment – we haven’t played for months. Though I am giving some thought to starting again sometime soon.

Anyway, today I saw a video wherein .. well, I’ll quote from the source:

“A group of horde decides to hold an ingame memorial for one of their mages who died irl. They made a few mistakes: holding it in a contested zone, publicly posting that they were going to do it, and asking that noone would interfere. How could we resist?”

Basically, this one guild logs into the character of one of their guildies who died in real life, take the character to the edge of a lake in Winterspring, and then are all “showing their respects” when the Serenity Now guildies attack, kill the dead guys character, then proceed to give some spanks to everyone else present. Then they release a movie of themselves doing it.

Totally cold. Yet funny as hell. Says something about differing approaches to thinking about video games, especially social, “second life” style of MMORPG video games.

The SN guys go on to say: “Bad taste? Lack of respect? No Human Decency? Sounds like someone should have rolled RP/PvE.”