Cut. Print. LOL.

Annette and I attended the screening of the Rapid Results video for iContact (that and I were DoP and Camera N00b on, respectively). I was mildly shocked that the “Black Tie” part of the invitation which I disregarded as an obvious joke was taken seriously by many others. And it was catered. Professionally. By people in uniforms, serving champagne and little chicken things on sticks. In fact, I think the budget for the screening must have exceeded the budget for the shoot itself considerably. This was, perhaps, a lesson in politics in the entertainment industry.

Everyone involved in the production got up, were clapped at, and were presented with a copy of the final DVD image. There were a couple of speakers, including John Sumner who played the camera guy in the 2005 King Kong release.

The footage itself came out .. reasonably well, I think. There are some WILD colour mismatches between my Camera and the Sony cam that Raj used – I saw these instantly in the film. A couple of the sequences came out well – the Aggressive Phone Call Ending Stewardess in particular was very good, and very well edited in the end.



  1. Frankly it looks as though you’re about to save your hapless assistant from the light monster(presumably a Mysteron) by clubbing it with the camera.

    • The Mysteron and I are, actually, in league. “Distract him quickly, Xymoplxor, and I’ll hit him with this primitive imaging device!”

  2. Come and visit us 😀

  3. Come visit us indeed! But also, the iContact guys have a copy reserved for you.