And my T-16 is broken down again

So, it’s just been announced that there will be at least 100 episodes of a Star Wars TV series.

Set during the 20 years of the life of Luke Skywalker between the rise of the empire at the end of the third sequel and when he goes off to join the rebellion at the start of the first ever movie.

Oh. Joy. I mean, I remember watching Star Wars and seeing a kid who was bored with doing nothing except working around the farm all the time, who wanted to do something fun, to go off an have adventures…. and now it’ll turn out that he’s secretly been having exciting Young Indianna Jones style adventures ALL ALONG.

Unless, that is, this show actually consists of stuff like:

S01E01: Luke replaces some broken modules in a water vaporator.
S01E02: Luke thinks he might be going into town with Aunt Beru to pick up some supplies, but Uncle Owen needs him to stay at the farm to do chores. Luke gets his whine on.
S01E03: Luke asks permission to take a speeder over to Beggars Canyon to shoot womp rats. Permission is declined. Whine.
S01E04: Why won’t Uncle Owen let me paint my bedroom black?


  1. S01E04: Why won’t Uncle Owen let me paint my bedroom black?

    S01E05: I want to kill myself, Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen just don’t UNDERSTAND ME.


  2. I want my giggle back 🙁