Fake Shemp Plane

Today’s shoot went amazingly well – we actually wrapped ON SCHEDULE which is pretty much not how I thought it was going to go down.

Also, it was a far more organised, professional shoot than I was expecting. Which rocked.

In addition, it’s probably more physical work than I’ve done in any given 12 hour period since I moved house – lots of lighting setups/breakdowns and so forth.

Oh, and (awesomely cool) we mostly filmed inside a big pretend Boeing 767 at the Air NZ Training Center. Pretend plane!!!
And you could like, trigger the pretend oxygen masks and make the cabin speakers go “Bing BOING!” and do announcements and things. What fun! I didn’t even know this existed – it’s a really useful resource to remember if you have to shoot something that’s set on a plane.

Very tired now, though.

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